The Importance of Knowing Where You Are

There now follows a story about climbing a hill. It is also a commentary on why, […]


Gin And the Art Of Product Life Cycle Maintenance

I was visiting clients last week. Tuesday ended in London with an investor friend of mine […]

Those DIY Unicorns

Between, water polo, #2 Son’s swimming career, headhunting and writing this rubbish I do not really […]

On Paradoxes

When I go to lunch I make a sandwich and prepare a bowl of soup. All […]

An Eye For Talent

You may have heard of Dick Rowe. If you have not, he was the A&R guy […]

If Life Gives You Green Underwear…

As it happens, I did not have a great week last week. It was a family […]

What Snedden Campbell does

In all the excitement of setting up the new website and the weekly blog, it seems […]

The Trifecta

I have mentioned before that back when Margaret Thatcher was still in charge of Britain I […]

Pharaoh Down

It’s the superficiality that gets me. Endless articles about how Bob or Janice hired the right […]

The Fashion Minefield

It’s a curious thing but the posts that I put on LinkedIn with pictures involving people […]

A labour of love

I’ve engineered my business strategy so that from time to time I travel a lot. This […]

A Thought Leader Writes

Hi! We have a special treat for you today in the shape of a guest article […]

Reality Bites

I was out with Ziggy the Ginger Wonder Pup on our local mountain on Saturday. He […]

Looking ahead

We can always look back on a rosy past where the shops were clean and tidy, […]

Psst! Want to Know a Secret?

A lifetime ago I had my last job in an industry other than recruitment. I spent […]

Once More With Feeling

I had some decent ideas for this week’s blog: An impending trip to Crete was sparking […]

Following the Herd

How I Changed My Mind   It was Aberdeen in 1995 and me and my then […]

On Hill Climbing Metaphors

Before children and sore knees, I used to climb a lot of mountains. Not for me […]

We Need To Talk

My dad was a clockmaker to trade. Pretty much the only useful business advice I got […]

A Short Dialogue About Search…

In the coffee shop two people sit opposite each other nursing Americanos. 

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