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The human touch

Established in 2001, we bring a specialist understanding of the medical technology industry, plus a rare mix of experience, curiosity and creativity to help find the best possible candidates available for your company. Word has it, working with us is an enjoyable experience.

Ivor Campbell - Founder and CEO

Jennifer Snedden - Founder and Director

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Forget little black books and trawling well-worn networks for the usual suspects. We work harder, and search wider, to find the most talented people available with the specific skills you need.

Who We Work With

Some things take time to master and learning the complexities of who does what in worldwide medtech can’t be done in a week, a month or even a year.

With more than two decades of experience working in search and consultancy projects in the sector, we know it better than most. We might not be the biggest medtech search business, but we are certainly one of the best informed. Twenty years of working in the business has given us a unique knowledge of its big hitters, its rising stars and its best kept secrets, as well as a tradecraft that is hard to beat.

We're impartial, objective and quick thinking. We can solve complex talent acquisition problems in a short timeframe without breaking your budget. Combined with our honest and nimble approach to problem-solving, this has made us a trusted adviser to the European medical technology sector.

Positioned for perspective

From our offices in Stirlingshire, we work with companies and candidates worldwide – after all, everyone has to be somewhere, and we might as well be in the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, with a fantastic view from the office window.

Are you who we’re searching for?

In finding the best possible candidate for each role we follow a simple rule – what you know is more important than who you know. We build our searches on credentials, not connections, so you can be confident that receiving a call from us means we believe you know what you’re doing.

At Snedden Campbell, you’re never a name on a list. Previous candidates rate us highly and many return to discuss their future – some become clients. We’re always interested to hear from medical technology professionals and we’re happy to help if we can. If you want to advance your career, please get in touch.


We’ve spent nearly two decades analysing the medical technology world. Every day brings something new and we like to write about the things that interest us. We add to our blog regularly and we’re sure that you’ll find material in here to spark conversations.

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