The partnership of equals – Living our values.

At Snedden Campbell, we have values that reflect our attitude. Chief among them is that forming partnerships with our clients to deliver projects, matters a great deal. 

The Snedden Campbell team has always been able to fit into the back of a regular-sized London taxi. A consequence of this is that there’s no anonymous corporate body for us to hide behind when we’re working on assignments. We’re more solo stand-up at the Wembley Arena than an ensemble production at your local repertory theatre. So, whatever we do, we know our clients and candidates will closely analyse it. 

As our business grows, we have to be careful not to dilute our close contact with clients and candidates. The person from Snedden Campbell that you brief on your project will always be the person who delivers on that project, and you’ll always have their mobile number. There are no account managers, line managers, or department heads; everything we do is in plain sight.

Our size and way of working also mean that it’s pretty straightforward for everyone to keep up to date with everything. Do you want to know how that shortlist is looking? Just call. Want to know how things are looking for you as a candidate? Well, the first thing we ever did when we got in touch with you was to give you all our direct numbers. 

It’s the Golden Rule. We look after you the way we’d look after ourselves. 

How does a partnership of equals influence our attitudes?

We approach every meeting or call intending to collaborate. With this attitude, we can work more effectively with our clients through the search process as we turn our attention to developing a bond.

Good collaboration leads to better understanding and better understanding, which means that our projects move more accurately and faster to their conclusion.

It turns out that putting a statement of values on your website is easy. Living up to those values is hard. It matters that we keep at it, however. Values give us continuity and foster trust. 

Our clients should know us as well as we know them. And that’s as it should be. As technology and the business environment evolve, we have to develop and innovate to keep on top. At our core, though, our values don’t change.  

To survive and thrive, we have to be sure that everyone on our team knows our values at work and lives them every day. We do what we say we are going to do because we have a consistent structure behind our business interactions that everyone understands.

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Posted on: 5th May 2021 by Angus Rose-Bristow

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