The partnership of equals – Living our values.

At Snedden Campbell, we have values that reflect our attitude. Chief among them is that forming […]


The Growing Demand for Data Scientists in the Biotech Industry

Importance of Data Science in Biotech In the biotech industry, data science is revolutionising research and […]

Recruiting Senior Engineers for Cutting-Edge MedTech Projects

Role of Senior Engineers in MedTech Senior engineers play a pivotal role in the MedTech industry, […]

The Importance of Diversity in Pharmaceutical Leadership

Benefits of Diversity in Leadership Diversity in leadership brings a wealth of benefits to pharmaceutical companies, […]

Biotech Industry Trends: What to Expect in the Next Decade

Current Trends in the Biotech Industry The biotech industry is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by advancements […]

How MedTech Innovations are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Recent Innovations in MedTech The MedTech industry is witnessing a surge in innovative technologies that are […]

Finding the Right Fit: C-Suite Executives in Biotech Startups

Unique Challenges of Biotech Startups Biotech startups face a myriad of challenges, including securing funding, navigating […]

The Role of Senior Scientists in Advancing Medical Technology

Contributions of Senior Scientists to MedTech Senior scientists are the backbone of innovation in medical technology […]

Navigating the Complexities of Pharmaceutical Industry Recruitment

Overview of the Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry is a cornerstone of global healthcare, responsible for […]

Key Traits of Successful Biotech Executives

Importance of Leadership in Biotech Leadership in the biotechnology (biotech) sector is crucial given the industry’s […]

How Medical Technology Companies Can Benefit from Interim Executives

Definition and Role of Interim Executives Interim executives are highly experienced professionals temporarily filling leadership roles […]

The Evolution of C-Suite Roles in the Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology (MedTech) industry stands at the intersection of healthcare and technological innovation, providing life-saving […]

How to Attract Top Talent in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Competitive Landscape of Pharma Recruitment The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive, with companies vying for top […]

We may not like to admit it, but there’s a bit of Nathalie Elphick in all of us

There’s a story about a person I know, let’s call him a friend, who went out […]

Why employing the new generation of workers is as easy as XYZ

In 2017 the head of a US marketing firm caused a furore when he published a […]

No! you can’t achieve anything if you just put your mind to it

Do you believe that every morning is brighter and sunnier than the last; that simply getting […]

It’s a leap year so that big career break is a surely a certainty – isn’t it?

At the start of January, the thoughts of many people turn to their tedious and unsatisfying […]

Spare a thought for HR (and Dwaine, the team leader) at this year’s office Christmas party

Once again, the office Christmas party season is in full swing, and HR executives across the […]

I’d rather join a Zoom call than endure all manner of freaks on a plane

One of the benefits of working in the post Covid world is the way in which […]

Your PhD might count for nothing if you don’t know how many Soor Plooms it would take to fill the Albert Hall

So, you’re an aspiring medical technology specialist, going for your big first job interview and you’re […]

Who are the top earners in society and are they worth it?

We choose our jobs for lots of different reasons and, although salary is important, it’s rarely […]

Just because a bot could do your job cheaper doesn’t mean it should

With the inexorable rise of AI threatening to reduce humanity to the roll of trussed-up gimps, […]

I may be paranoid but that doesn’t mean they’re not all out to steal all our business secrets

In a world where nuance and diversity of opinion went out with the Spice Girls and […]

Home working rule #1 – don’t get curry stains on your onesie

Covid changed the world forever in so many different ways, not least in making it acceptable […]

The best person for the job should always be able to tell you why a tennis ball is fuzzy

In a perfect world of our collective, idealised imaginings, where everything always works, processes run like […]

It was a pleasure working for Grinn, Bendover & Clampitt, but………………

Anyone who’s moving job and has been asked to take part in an “exit interview” may […]

‘Waiter, this ice is too cold and it’s in a left-handed glass’

There’s a golden rule in the catering industry that the customer is always right. No matter […]

If you think job-seekers have it tough, spare a thought for us recruiters

No-one thinks life sciences jobseekers have it easy. You spend seven years studying for an undergraduate […]

Dress to impress at interview and always remember the context

Does how you are dressed at an interview really have any bearing on the likelihood of […]

Is there still room for the inspired hunch in the recruitment process?

In an advanced economy like the UK’s, whose future growth is predicated on innovation and technical […]

Don’t grieve over job interview failure: learn from it

If anything, you were over-qualified for the position. Your answers were informed, fluent and confident and […]

Flexible working is the new retirement for the Goblin Teasmade generation

The world of work seemed to simple and predictable for our grandparents’ generation. They worked, generally […]

You might have a job but is it meaningful?

H from Steps may have his detractors but would even his most loyal fans argue that […]

Are you feeling the ‘ick’ about a workmate?

It started as a dating term in the US TV show Ally McBeal (or Ally McSqueal […]

Stay focused when you meet our client and don’t mention that night at Medica

Headhunters are odd, solitary beasts. We spend years polishing an aura and, above all, not being […]

Kicking new year resolutions? Jog on.

For many people, January is a time for reflection and resolution – reflection on achievements, and […]

How long are we prepared to wait and see if the NHS improves?

Waiting times, waiting times…oh how we’re all waiting for the time when waiting times improve and […]

Don’t let Darren and his chums ruin the festive fun

With the office Christmas party season in full swing, it seems almost churlish to point out […]

Constant self-diagnosing risks testing the patience of your GP

Wherever you look, people are testing themselves for conditions that, a year-or-two ago, they had never […]

The future’s bright – the future’s delivering kebabs on a bike

There was a time when we had genuine concerns about what we’d do to amuse ourselves […]

Most of us can be thankful going to work is not a life-or-death decision

When making career choices, the likelihood of us dying on the job might not immediately spring […]

Is there a place for emotion during a job interview?

A boss who went viral after driving a job applicant to tears during an interview, brought […]

Putting on a Show: What stand-up comedy has taught me about business

I don’t know as much about stand-up comedy as I do about business, but I do […]

20 Glorious Years

It’s 20 years since I banked Snedden Campbell’s first-ever cheque – a retainer to find an Assay […]

For Art’s Sake

I went to Art School, you know. I was a dreadfully self-opinionated git and made myself […]

And We’re Back

I don’t know about you, but my post-apocalypse vision was that of emerging from the smouldering […]

*Serious discussion klaxon*

After many detailed conversations with colleagues, friends and, of course, Ziggy the Office Wonder Dog, we’ve […]

On Being a Complete Cult

And so we come to some observations about the recruitment business.  To the external observer, the […]

Risk and Reward

From the beginning of time, my dad, Colin, had the Town contract to look after all […]

Welcome to the New Year

Well, I’ve had a week off, and here we are in January. I read that the […]

The Best Time of the Year

Once again, I’ve been caught out by the 23rd of December. One more shopping day to […]

On Not Getting Lost At Sea

I’ve written a few times now about navigation as a metaphor for being a decent headhunter. […]

Where Are You?

“It’s like a jungle sometimes It makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under” Carl […]

How Not to Fall Over

My job doesn’t have that many occupational hazards being mostly indoors and behind a desk. Okay, […]

Going Forwards By Looking Backwards

A lot is going on at the mighty Snedden Campbell just now so the blizzard of […]

The Real Deal

A quick trip to the surface between projects to let you all know that I’m still […]

A Funny Thing

As soon as they enter the building, all prospective employees* of the mighty Snedden Campbell are […]

Can I Be Honest?

In September 1978 I got a lift up to Aberdeen with my pal Kenny to see […]

On Originality

These days it’s possible to fill a great many column inches on social media posts by […]


At some point over the last couple of weeks, I passed the milestone of writing this […]

Getting Medieval

Take a wander around an old church pretty much anywhere in Europe and especially in France […]

On Being Inquisitive

Headhunting and Consulting for a living can be challenging. However, I’ve learned that it is merely […]

The King of Clockwork

I’m pitching this blog to you as a business piece on how even the best idea […]

Psst! Want to Know a Secret

Would you like to save yourself some time, effort and money? Of course, you would. Read […]

A Hard Days Night

It had been a tough meeting. The kind of board meeting where questions get asked, and […]

The Absolute State of Things

The Palace of Versailles was built, in essence, to facilitate networking. It’s a big building designed […]

30 Years Later

My route into recruitment was pretty typical. I started with a high street chain who trained […]

Ars longa, vita brevis

I went to art school you know. Amongst other things, I learned that beauty is absolutely […]

The Emperor’s Clothes

These blogs don’t write themselves you know. I have to shoehorn writing all this nonsense in […]

A Day at the Beach

Here I am. Sitting by a swimming pool in the heat. Lovely, except that it’s gone […]

Stuff I’ve learned

If you want to ride fast in a group make sure you know and trust the […]

Nature or Nurture

As my children grew up, I found that school parent’s evenings slowly advanced from a focus […]

Lyres, Dammed Lyres and Statistics

In 1482 a 30-year-old Leonardo da Vinci was sent off from Florence to Milan by his […]

Winning at Life

I wrote a throwaway comment on social media the other day: “I think any “leader” unable […]

A Headhunter Hunts

I’m working up to hiring a new member of the Snedden Campbell team. Between writing a […]

The Means of Production

Every five years from the back end of the 1920s to 1991 the State Planning Committee […]

The Reality of Barriers

As an exceptionally talented stage magician, Harry Houdini had an interesting job. He was very very […]

Keeping it Real

Only twice in my time on the LinkedIn platform have I ever written anything that achieved […]

Keeping it Real

In 1969 when we all wore acrylic jumpers and underwear was made out of fibreglass, my […]

The Art of Noise

When I took my first job in the recruitment trade back in 1987 there were a […]

Who Needs Experience?

Anyway, the inspiration for this week’s piece comes from the people on LinkedIn, frequently in consultancy […]

Strategy and How to Have It

Through the final 14 years of the 20th Century, I worked for a succession of companies […]

The Importance of Knowing Where You Are

There now follows a story about climbing a hill. It is also a commentary on why, […]

Gin And the Art Of Product Life Cycle Maintenance

I was visiting clients last week. Tuesday ended in London with an investor friend of mine […]

Those DIY Unicorns

Between, water polo, #2 Son’s swimming career, headhunting and writing this rubbish I do not really […]

On Paradoxes

When I go to lunch I make a sandwich and prepare a bowl of soup. All […]

An Eye For Talent

You may have heard of Dick Rowe. If you have not, he was the A&R guy […]

If Life Gives You Green Underwear…

As it happens, I did not have a great week last week. It was a family […]

What Snedden Campbell does

In all the excitement of setting up the new website and the weekly blog, it seems […]

The Trifecta

I have mentioned before that back when Margaret Thatcher was still in charge of Britain I […]

Pharaoh Down

It’s the superficiality that gets me. Endless articles about how Bob or Janice hired the right […]

The Fashion Minefield

It’s a curious thing but the posts that I put on LinkedIn with pictures involving people […]

A labour of love

I’ve engineered my business strategy so that from time to time I travel a lot. This […]

A Thought Leader Writes

Hi! We have a special treat for you today in the shape of a guest article […]

Reality Bites

I was out with Ziggy the Ginger Wonder Pup on our local mountain on Saturday. He […]

Looking ahead

We can always look back on a rosy past where the shops were clean and tidy, […]

Psst! Want to Know a Secret?

A lifetime ago I had my last job in an industry other than recruitment. I spent […]

Once More With Feeling

I had some decent ideas for this week’s blog: An impending trip to Crete was sparking […]

Following the Herd

How I Changed My Mind   It was Aberdeen in 1995 and me and my then […]

On Hill Climbing Metaphors

Before children and sore knees, I used to climb a lot of mountains. Not for me […]

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