Can I Be Honest?

In September 1978 I got a lift up to Aberdeen with my pal Kenny to see […]


On Originality

These days it’s possible to fill a great many column inches on social media posts by […]


At some point over the last couple of weeks, I passed the milestone of writing this […]

Getting Medieval

Take a wander around an old church pretty much anywhere in Europe and especially in France […]

On Being Inquisitive

Headhunting and Consulting for a living can be challenging. However, I’ve learned that it is merely […]

The King of Clockwork

I’m pitching this blog to you as a business piece on how even the best idea […]

Psst! Want to Know a Secret

Would you like to save yourself some time, effort and money? Of course, you would. Read […]

A Hard Days Night

It had been a tough meeting. The kind of board meeting where questions get asked, and […]

The Absolute State of Things

The Palace of Versailles was built, in essence, to facilitate networking. It’s a big building designed […]

30 Years Later

My route into recruitment was pretty typical. I started with a high street chain who trained […]

Ars longa, vita brevis

I went to art school you know. Amongst other things, I learned that beauty is absolutely […]

The Emperor’s Clothes

These blogs don’t write themselves you know. I have to shoehorn writing all this nonsense in […]

A Day at the Beach

Here I am. Sitting by a swimming pool in the heat. Lovely, except that it’s gone […]

Stuff I’ve learned

If you want to ride fast in a group make sure you know and trust the […]

Nature or Nurture

As my children grew up, I found that school parent’s evenings slowly advanced from a focus […]

Lyres, Dammed Lyres and Statistics

In 1482 a 30-year-old Leonardo da Vinci was sent off from Florence to Milan by his […]

Winning at Life

I wrote a throwaway comment on social media the other day: “I think any “leader” unable […]

A Headhunter Hunts

I’m working up to hiring a new member of the Snedden Campbell team. Between writing a […]

The Means of Production

Every five years from the back end of the 1920s to 1991 the State Planning Committee […]

The Reality of Barriers

As an exceptionally talented stage magician, Harry Houdini had an interesting job. He was very very […]

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